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My blog features articles covering the latest financial news to help you skillfully navigate the nebulous world of finance.

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I manage a concentrated portfolio by utilizing fundamental analysis to purchase assets trading below their intrinsic values.

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Handcrafted research reports utilizing fundamental analysis, which can be used for actionable investment opportunities.

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Good Fortune

  Good Fortune   Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends out there celebrating the Year of the Dog! My zodiac sign is a horse, which apparently gets along[…]

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Investment Opportunity: HCP, Inc. (NYSE: HCP)

The Opportunity   HCP (NYSE: HCP) finally released earnings this Tuesday in a moment that I have been anxiously waiting for. My thesis is that healthcare stocks have been oversold[…]

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The Buy List: 2.12.18

The Buy List   Just a quick update on this lovely Monday morning. We’re in the midst of earnings season and we have a few companies on my radar that[…]

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The Dude

I am on an unrelenting quest to advance my knowledge in the world of finance and have some fun while doing it!

Daniel Fas

Investor, Globetrotter, Blogger and Surfer

I am a disciplined value investor who seeks to buy assets trading below their intrinsic value. I have a long-term approach to investing and live by the principles of famous value investors such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, and Seth Klarman. I have experience working in the M&A and Treasury department of a publicly traded company where my main focus was on capital management and corporate development functions. Previously, I worked at a real estate private equity firm underwriting and managing an institutional portfolio of over 3,000 residential and multi-family properties. I earned a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Economic Policy from the University of Southern California. When I’m not being a finance nerd, I love traveling the world, meeting new people and enjoying life!


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