Dear Readers,


My name is Daniel and I’m a 27-year-old investor, financier, and world traveler. I started this site after grinding away in the corporate finance world, realizing that there is much more to life than working in a cubicle for 12 hours a day. I needed an out. Luckily, I’m a pretty frugal guy who saves and invests aggressively. My financial discipline has allowed me to accumulate a six-figure net worth by age 26. I learned about the FIRE movement (Financial Independence and Retire Early) in early 2017 and realized that my life-style goals were pretty similar. The idea of becoming financially independent and breaking away from corporate America couldn’t sound much sweeter.  My goal is to learn, share, and grow alongside my readers as I aim to grow my net worth and achieve financial independence.


Ninja Capitalist aims to provide in-depth content into investing, real estate, wealth creation, and more so we can all achieve financial independence. Ninja Capitalist will leverage my personal experiences working in real estate private equity, corporate finance, and equity investing to educate and provide quality insight to all my readers. The financial world is complex and intimidating for many, but this site will give you the knowledge to skillfully navigate the world of money like a true capitalist.


Why the name Ninja Capitalist? During my travels to Japan in the Spring of 2016, I marveled at the absolute discipline displayed by every citizen throughout Japanese society. No matter what the task was, whether making sushi or forming a line at a subway station, every citizen performed their task to perfection. Similarly, managing your finances takes discipline and focus. Inspired by Japanese culture, I chose Ninja Capitalist, which evokes skill and discipline in the art of finance, just as a real Ninja evoked skill and discipline in the art of espionage.


My Story


I’m very lucky to call San Diego my hometown. I grew up in an upper middle class family with parents who taught me the value of money and financial discipline at a young age. It is arguably the most important lesson I have ever learned.


Since graduating from USC (University of Southern California) I have worked for a real estate private equity firm managing a portfolio of over 3,000 residential rental properties and then as a credit analyst for a commercial real estate lender. I currently work in the corporate finance department of a publicly traded company.


I’ve always worked hard, but making it in finance took some real grit. As I looked at my peers around me, I saw the long hours they worked, the overwhelming stress, the lack of family time, and it made me think if all that sacrifice was really worth it. It wasn’t until a recent trip to Australia that really altered my way of thinking about my life and career goals. I had the time of my life meeting so many great people from different nationalities and educational backgrounds. Some were career focused pre-med students, engineers and Phd’s. Others just decided to quit their job and travel the world for all eternity. The latter group may have been broke, but they seemed truly happy.  Being exposed to this wide spectrum of ideologies made me prioritize what was important in life. The main takeaway from that experience is that I decided I didn’t want to be enslaved to an employer forever. Life is too short!


After my trip, I was browsing through news headlines on LinkedIn when I stumbled across a personal finance article about someone who retired at the ripe old age of 28. I was immediately hooked. Since reading that article, it has been my quest to utilize my investing knowledge and savings discipline to engineer my way to financial independence.


Interesting Facts


  • I have traveled to 9 different countries so far including: India, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and Jamaica. I hope to travel to many more!
  • I like to think of myself as a prototypical San Diegan. In addition to traveling the world, I love hiking, surfing, and pretty much anything outdoors.
  • I have a passion for investing and reading about the financial markets. I am a disciplined value investor and I have a long-term approach to investing and wealth creation. Value investing is the idea of buying an asset below its intrinsic value (true worth). It’s like buying a $1 bill off of somebody for 0.75 cents. There’s no better business than that. These are the same principles preached by famous value investors such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, and Seth Klarman.
  • I love Game of Thrones