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Good Fortune

  Good Fortune   Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends out there celebrating the Year of the Dog! My zodiac sign is a horse, which apparently gets along with dogs and thus is supposed to be a pretty good year for me. I fucking hope so!     It’s a good thing that…
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Investment Opportunity: HCP, Inc. (NYSE: HCP)

The Opportunity   HCP (NYSE: HCP) finally released earnings this Tuesday in a moment that I have been anxiously waiting for. My thesis is that healthcare stocks have been oversold due to inflation fears and rising interest rates. Cap rates are being discounted at a greater rate in the public market relative to the private…
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The Buy List: 2.12.18

The Buy List   Just a quick update on this lovely Monday morning. We’re in the midst of earnings season and we have a few companies on my radar that are reporting this upcoming week. In particular, HCP Inc. (NYSE: HCP) reports on the 13th and Newell Brands (NYSE: NWL) reports on the 16th. Grupo…
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The Return of Volatility

The Return of Volatility   Market gyrations have finally returned and it threw the market for a tailspin. The DOW experienced 1,000+ point swings earlier in the week, which is something it hasn’t experienced in a long time. As I mentioned in The Inflation Conundrum, fears of inflation and interest rates rising faster than expected…
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The Inflation Conundrum

The Inflation Conundrum   Things just haven’t been the same after the financial crisis. Inflation has been a slippery slope for the FED over the past few years. Even as the unemployment rate dropped below what is typically regarded as the “full employment” rate, which is around 5%, prices and wage growth have been stagnate.…
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Market Sell-Off

    A Market Sell-Off   There’s nothing like a good old fashion market sell-off to keep your blood flowing. It’s a test of every investors mental aptitude. Is it a short term pull back or a full on bear market? Over the last few years, every pullback in the market was responded with a…
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All Eyes on Davos

    Magic in Davos   First of all, what the hell is Davos? Davos, my friend, is a small town in the Swiss Alps that is known for pretty much two things, its ski resorts and the slightly more important annual event called the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is a major gathering…
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Investment Tracking

    Portfolio Analysis   I’m not going to lie, it feels good logging into my brokerage account where I’m greeted with a dashboard highlighted with a bunch of green numbers. There is a subtle feeling of triumph that rains down on me, knowing that all my analysis and hard work has literally “paid-off”. This…
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Welcome to 2018

What A Ride! What a wild ride to finish out 2017! My last post was minutes before I had to leave to the airport since I booked a last minute trip to Hong Kong the night before. I didn’t plan anything. I just bought a plane ticket and hoped for the best. What I didn’t…
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Quick December Update

  A Race To The Finish   Well I must say it’s been one hell of a year! I recently secured a new job providing capital to small businesses, which I will start in January and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m over working those 80 hour weeks in banking. However, through an interesting chain…
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