Quick December Update


A Race To The Finish


Well I must say it’s been one hell of a year! I recently secured a new job providing capital to small businesses, which I will start in January and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m over working those 80 hour weeks in banking. However, through an interesting chain of events I left my current employer earlier than expected. I was told my last day was yesterday, Monday December 11th at around 11:00AM. By 5:00PM that same day I booked a ticket to Hong Kong and plan to board a flight at 11:30AM on Tuesday December 12. I write this as I’m getting ready to bolt out the door. Wish me luck!


I did want to provide a quick finance related update. While all this work craziness was going on, I stumbled across an interesting investment opportunity in Sabra Healthcare REIT (NASDAQ: SBRA). SBRA is a REIT that owns a portfolio that mainly consists of skilled nursing facilities and senior housing facilities. I think the Net Asset Value (NAV) is around $26 per share, while the stock is trading in the $19 range, proving an attractive valuation. SBRA also provides a 9% dividend yield, which is amazingly attractive in this environment. There are risks involved such as government reimbursement plans, which are trying to reduce the amount spent on patients that utilize these types of healthcare facilities. I think there will, however, continue to be great demand for these facilities based off of demographic trends and the ability for SBRA to adapt to the changing landscape. Due to the time constraint, I can’t post a full analysis of the stock right now, but plan to when I come back from my Far East travels. Keep this one on your radar.


I plan to post more articles after the holidays. Until then, don’t drink too much and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!