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Research Reports

Browse my research reports to uncover undervalued stocks that can make you money! All research reports are stocks that I recommend and have every intention of making a personal investment in (check out my portfolio). My investment strategy is built on the principles of value investing, which places an emphasis on fundamental analysis to uncover hidden opportunities. The stocks I recommend are not penny stocks, which are infamous for the “pump and dump” schemes. My investment recommendations are on companies that are profitable and have solid fundamentals with the ability to out-earn their cost of capital. The recommended holding period is long-term in nature, which typically means 3-5 year holding periods at a bare minimum.



 Intrinsic Value Estimate: $108 / share

Multiples: P/E: 16x, P/B: 2.4x             

              Projected upside: 26%                                                                                         

Simon Property Group (NYSE: SPG)

 Intrinsic Value Estimate: $206 / share

Multiples: P/FFO: 13.9x, P/B: 12.3x   

Projected upside: 23%                         

Ross Stores Inc. (NASDAQ: ROST)

Intrinsic Value Estimate: $69 / share

Multiples: P/FFO: 18.5x, P/B: 7.6x   

Projected upside: 21%